I get that fans can only go by what the actors put out there. But, why do you all assume to know the ins and outs of Cait’s relationship with Tony and what he does/doesn’t do for her. NONE of you know Cait. You certainly don’t know Tony or what her real relationship behind closed doors is like with him. No one knows what goes on in ANYONE’s relationship (regardless of celebrity) except the 2 people living it. I find the judgement on it really unfair.

You’re correct anon. No one knows the ins and outs of her relationship with either of these men (including you), but we can assume based on what she’s shown to the public. If I didn’t know anything about her and only had public appearances, social media etc to go by, I’d have many questions about what type of person she is and why she treats her alleged fiance like dirt but is all over her hot costar. I think she’s lucky that most of us in the fandom believe she’s still in a relationship with Sam, because the alternative is actually much worse for her. 

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