I don’t understand…has there ever been a show that has been this “aggressively” (ya I said it) against shipping the leads? Most shows seem to say Ship and let ship. Fan and let fan. I’ve never been in a fandom before. Can you shed any light on this? I refuse to read that article. Is this just for clicks?

No. Can I shed light on this? Sure.

WE ARE A LIABILITY. “Aggressive” shippers in this fandom — particularly those of us on tumblr — do not play by their rules. We do not take things at face value. We do not accept whatever they tell us as truth. We do not read and watch and vote and spend money and move on. We look at patterns and social media times and paint colors and reflections and behavior and then we go back and make timelines and call out their bullshit.

They — TPTB, yes I’m saying it — know that, and they don’t know what to do about it. They don’t know how to get rid of us. They tried with Shamuso and it didn’t work. Instead of destroying us, we morphed into fans who still ship, but are smarter and far more disillusioned than we were before.

Every time they gaslight us like this, we dig in deeper.

Here’s a pro tip for Starz: you will never get rid of us. Putting out articles like this for the sole purpose of discrediting us will not work. It’s going to make that aggressive shipping even more aggressive. We are stubborn.

Second pro tip: lying about timelines, sticking a ring on someone and sending them on a shitty staged press tour in Ireland for it isn’t going to work. We still have the same set of receipts.

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