I honestly wonder how everyone involved in this are such amateurs. Even the people whose jobs it is to make all of it credible.

I’m still shaking my head. Unbelievable. A subtle drop of a couple of names linked to, and unlinked from, Sam in the Us article was effective. No mention at all of the off screen relationships of Sophie or Rik. But they bring Cait out swinging her sledgehammer either verbally or implied, in every damn bit of promo, yelling I’M ENGAGED! I’M ENGAGED! and every time they do, the engagement looks more contrived than it did the day before. I’ve already bought the new season from ITunes and today I feel like I’m sorry I wasted the money. They’ve killed my desire to watch, they’ve killed my excitement for the Premiere, they’ve put me off watching any more interviews. I’ve already long ago stopped voting. I skipped MPC this year and I’ve gone back to donating to local charities. The only thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning is that I still believe that these are good people gritting their teeth while this crap thing unfolds, and I still ship them. Aggressively. So…🙅‍♀️

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