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A few words from Hollywood….

Hollywood sent me this reply as a text so I am sharing it for you all to read. Hope you have fun tonight friend, and thank you again for your insight.

Hollywood. I really don’t know what to say about this. It is a head scratcher. In all my time, I’ve never seen a production mention someone’s personal life in show promo so much (for a show that wasn’t a reality show) or go after a group of fans in such a heavy handed fashion. Most shows I’ve worked on would love to have the type of fans who are joyful and engaged in promoting and anticipating the return of a show.

I’ve read many of the theories and most of them are food for thought. It could be that they are trying to head off any new shippers at the pass. I think they are well aware they are not going to change any original shippers’ minds. You can’t unsee what they clearly were showing you for years in the beginning (and still do on many occasions now). But honestly if they think they are going to stop shipping, they are on a fool’s errand. Shipping is a form of many fandoms. It is not going to go away simply because you want it to. And it doesn’t matter if the co-stars are single, engaged, married or anything else.

I have read many of the replies to shipper tweets that have been highlighted for ridicule and condescension. Shipping by its very nature is a uniquely female way of fanning, so to have other women mock and belittle it really frustrates me. Especially these women like Lynette who claim to be feminists.

And it boggles my mind that any show would use the tack of belittling a faction of their fandom in their promo for a new season. It seems counter productive and judging by many reactions it IS counter productive. They really should have let it go months/ years ago and let you fan the way you wanted. It is very hard to watch and is not a good look for anyone involved.

Well this is it. They are not gonna change anybody’s mind. Only makes them Starz Sony LG etc. Look like fools. Nobody’s going to change my mind.

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