I would be very curious to see the analytics over the past year or two. We know they watch tumblr, yet when they produce a response based on noise here it seems OTT for general fans. My sense based on small samplings outside of the shippersphere is that many invested show/book fans take things at face value. So why would they continue gauging shippers for how to promo to the not-invested-in-the-actor-lives or not-overthinking-what’s-being-served groups? Which I wager is collectively bigger.

Because each season brings new shippers.  And people who are curious will do what I did, which is search for videos, etc. and come across with the same things that had me convinced they were together before I ever stepped foot in Tumblr.   Plus, because shippers have blogs that have millions of hits, they show up first in the search algorithms.  What the idiots pushing it in promotion don’t understand is the more they talk about it, the more curious people become.  And most people I know outside of the social media space usually think a constant denial by a celebrity means just the opposite, whether it is a relationship or a divorce, etc.  

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