New ET Canada interview with Cait and she talked her engagement. Very happy and said only 1% of OL fans don’t like it. Stupid host asked what it feels like when people find out she and Sam did not end up together. Thoughts?

I haven’t seen it and I won’t but from what I hear it’s from the same day as KDS’s masterpiece, once again she can’t bring herself to utter her fiancé’s name, and it’s already well buried and hard to find. My thoughts? Back in the Spring, as they were starting to put the finishing touches on the season, someone more important than Sam or Cait realized that what we suspect is true…that Season 4 is steeeaaammmy, and March the whateverth was declared Shipper Prevention Day. Journalists we’ve never heard of before, plus a couple of old faithfuls were hailed from all corners of the globe and a series of clips were prepared and placed in the vault for safekeeping until Promo season. I didn’t note the date but maybe this is even around the time that Cait was stretched to snapping point and went off on fans about the Amazing Woman and the blocking spree. For sure it was right before Sam gave us ‘we are together and we work together ‘. It can’t have been one of her, or their, better days at work and they’ve both been bolder ever since. I can’t help wondering how she feels now, as this stuff comes rolling out as part of promo. Is she rebelling a bit again? “Oh absolutely Mr Parnell. Platonic. I understand. I’ll just mention publicly that I love that it’s Friday. Nothing more”.

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