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Who are the smart people behind Caitriona’s narrative? who is giving the approval to interviews where she talks about the fakengagement released AFTER 7 MONTHS against ask to cut those parts? do you know how bad she looks when she posts a pic of Sam with a french fries emoticon on his c0ck (positioned sliding her finger on his body) and hearts coming out his pocket, when she licks the same spoon that Sam previosly used and he put back in his mouth after like it’s the most natural thing in the world to do and then you let release these denial engagement talk combo? do you understand that the only image you are giving is that Caitriona is cheating her fiancé with Sam? you really want to destroy her personal image? let her lose her most supportive fans? 

It is particularly dangerous because if she does marry Mr. McGill, not only will she have messed up her own public persona, she will make her lovely co-star look like one of the biggest jerks around. He is not a jerk. He is a kind, loving, generous man and none of this contradicting narrative honors him or the magical performances they give together. She certainly doesn’t honor herself and neither does he really.

Even if it turns out this was dictated by the studio, it is long past the time when they should have said no together.

There may be another reason this all came about. Security. I know Sam gets stalked and Caitriona gets death threats. Perhaps, they are both protecting something very precious to them.

We live in a world where the truth doesn’t matter, people get killed going to temple, pipe bombs get delivered to all the leaders of the opposition political party, and the Army is sent to the border with guns they can’t shoot Constitutionally to protect us against some desperate people fleeing violence. So — Sam and Cait are not really that important and the fact that so many totally rational women still care what happens to them is a miracle in itself.

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