Hey Lady…I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to listen to the new podcast with Caitriona yet? I’ve just listened to it and for me, it’s QUITE CLEAR that she has singlehandedly gone to the production staff (via herself or her management team) and DEMANDED changes in the filmed sex scenes since season 1! We will NEVER see those types of sex scenes again! She thinks the fans’ demand for those types of scenes is equivalent to asking for ‘soft-core porn.’ For me, I’m uncomfortable w/ her 1/2

2/2 assessment of us! For one, WE ARE NOT all “Grandmother-aged fans who are in need of getting their ‘titilation’ fix!” The very fact that she even thinks this is by far THE BIGGEST misunderstanding of the show’s core audience by her! What we’ve fallen in love with is a LOVE STORY! Plain & simple. If she’s not comfortable filming love scenes, which she has clearly indicated is the case, THEN DO NOT BLAME IT ON “HORNY, OLD FANS” who need a fix! I’m just completely unimpressed w/her now!

Oof! It’s mighty early to be thinking so hard about such a hard topic. But I’ll try. Ain’t even had my coffee yet. 🧟‍♀️

I haven’t listened yet, only read everyone’s reactions. I will listen, but it will be a couple of days… ya know, when school starts back.

Having said all that…. I feel so validated. Told ya so! 😀 Anyone who has followed me since the good ol days probably recalls a time when I posted against the creating of porn gifs and pornfic centered around Sam and Cait. It wasn’t so much that I admonished those who went there or protested against it, I merely cautioned that it would eventually bite us all in the ass as I just could not see how they would like it. And I always thought Cait became aware of all that was created on tumblr when she went to Costa Rica and had some down time to really look online and see what fans thought. Let’s be honest, it was pretty raunchy on the daily at that time. It’s why she wanted the IFH, in my opinion. To see something she was so proud of reduced by fans to mere porn crushed her confidence and it may have just crushed any relationship she had with Sam. If it’s made her bitter and resentful, I don’t begrudge her that feeling. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So while I cringe at her assessment of fans as horny grannies, I understand her response. I also think her perception is a bit skewed though. RDM said in the beginning they told him to “make it for the fans”. If data nerds went mining online to see just what fans really wanted, they’d probably believe all fans wanted was Jamie and porn. Right? It’s what fans online have always been the most vocal about. They likely present this data to the actors and production on the regular and so what is Cait to believe other than all the fans want is Jamie and Claire acting out the Kama Sutra. Also, who the hell knows what off the wall feedback they receive from overzealous fans who are here only for their sexual fantasy.

For the record I’m 44. Not a granny and not a nemphomaniac. I’m actually ambivalent about the sex scenes. Sex, no sex, whatever, just tell me a good story.

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