Tumblr drove me to it



I have always loved this particular scene from 107: The Wedding, specifically because it shows female presenting nipples in a non-sexualized manner. Yes, they have just finished having sex. But they are presented on screen as equals. Their bodies are beautiful but not lewd. They are not laying there for our titillation, but to show a pair of equals, who shared and loved equally. Claire’s nipples are no more shocking or sexual than Jamie’s.

Tumblr, I really need you to stop, in your effort to make this space more friendly, making female breasts taboo, dirty and perpetually sexual. Does it occur to you that rather than fixing a problem, you are perpetuating a societal problem that says women’s breasts are dirty and cause men to have uncontrollable thoughts and actions? If you must ban nipples, then ban ALL NIPPLES, and stop acting like women’s nipples are the problem. Men who can’t handle seeing women’s nipples are the problem. Nazis are the problem. Porn Bots are the problem. Hate speech is the problem. A photo depicting love and intimacy between equal partners is not the problem.

Enjoy this post for two weeks.

And yes, I requested a review. I’d like someone, anyone, from tumblr to just maybe read the text and think about the message they are sending. Women are porn. That’s what they are saying. Men aren’t porn. Their nipples are fine. But women? We are porn. They can rot in hell for all I care. I am not porn and neither are my nipples.

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