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Fraser’s Ridge — we fervently hope — has a smith…

A fiendishly handsome smith, if I do say so myself…

So, he taught you blacksmithing?

Aye. I mastered all order of smithery.

— Young Ian Murray, Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser ⚔️, S4E5 Savages

And soon, Fraser’s Ridge will have an engineer…

You never wondered whether John Adams or or Teddy Roosevelt or John Kennedy stood under these same arches?

Nope. No, I was always fascinated with how this was built. That every single piece of stone is held in place by the pressure of the one next to it.

It’s based on measurements, calculations, precision.

There’s a truth to this building.

That doesn’t sound like the daughter of a historian.

Well, I’m not, am I? I’m the daughter of an 18th-century highlander.

— Brianna Randall Fraser MacKenzie, Roger Wakefield MacKenzie, S3E5 Freedom & Whisky

One who is as brave and determined as her mother…

Imagine the Projects. Imagine the Inventions. Imagine the improvements.

A smith makes things from metal.

  • an arrowsmith forges arrow heads
  • a blacksmith works with iron and steel
  • a bladesmith forges knives, swords and other blades
  • a coppersmith works with copper
  • a fendersmith makes and repairs the metal fender before fireplaces
  • a goldsmith works with gold
  • a gunsmith works with guns
  • a locksmith works with locks
  • a pewtersmith works with pewter
  • a silversmith, works with silver;
  • a tinsmith works with light metal
  • a swordsmith is a bladesmith who forges only swords

An engineer invents, designs, analyzes, builds, and tests machines, systems, structures and materials.

Imagine the discussions. Imagine the arguments. Imagine the FUN!

Speaking of fun — and fervent hope — Fraser’s Ridge soon will also have a GRANDPA! 

It’s no secret Murtz has a muckle soft spot for Jamie Fraser… and for bairns… For Jamie Fraser’s bairns?! There could never be a more devoted, a more protective, a more proud grandfather.

(Park your Willie hate at the door, people. He is blood of Jamie’s blood, and that’s all about it. Hmmpf.)

Long live the Godfather! Long live the Grandfather! Long live Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser ⚔️

Photos: Header Murtagh, Brianna & Roger Brianna @ecampbellsoup Caveman Gifs: Murtagh & Jamie @avasetocallmyown Jamie & Willie @laird-brochtuarach Smithery and engineering info

December 5, 2018

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