I’m pretty shocked Cait got a Golden Globe nom. I didn’t think they were in the time frame to be considered. This was based on s3?

Golden Globes run on the calendar year.

The only year that I thought Cait deserved a nomination was Season 2 and the first half of season 3. I thought she was pretty weak in season 1.

Sam deserved one for season 1, 3 and definitely in 4 so far. The journey he took Jamie on in season 3 was like nothing on TV that year.

It all depends on the competition, the amount of time the studio promotes the actor, nominating committee familiarity of the actor (something as simple as hearing their name)and the full moon.

I’m beyond disappointed for Sam and apathetic about Cait’s nom this year, They have rewarded her with nominations but not the win in the year she deserved to win and rewarded her with nominations in years where she didn’t Even deserve a nomination. Who knows what goes on in those nominating meetings. I’m pretty sure the studio is pushing her far harder than Sam if that one for your consideration tape was any indication of how they’ve been operating.

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