I mean she did spent that time at Laoghaire’s bacause she twisted her ankle (I’m assuming, didn’t say what was wrong with it) and she was weak, not in any state to travel, and even then she spent only like a few days, definitely less then a week. Idk I think it wouldn’t have made much sense for her to spent a lot of time at Lallybroch without Jenny there condidering we haven’t spent a lot of time developing any other character there other then Ian and young Ian who is with Jamie and Claire so…

Okay love, but why did she even twist her ankle? It was only a plot device to push her into Laoghaire’s lap. She could have spent just a day in Lallybroch and still have plenty of meaningful conversations with Ian. That’s the beauty of writing and TV, you can make time stretch or shrink as you see fit. It was the writer’s choice and I think it was a poor one. 

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