I enjoyed 4×07. I get why we didn’t get more of Bree at Lallybroch considering that Laura wasn’t available for filming and that Bree couldn’t spent a lot of time there because she needs to get to Jamie&Claire. I don’t think they should have gone in that direction with Frank&Leery but the material was nicely done. Overall I don’t agree with people saying it’s a bad episode. When it comes to criticism just because it wasn’t what you wanted it to be it doesn’t mean that it was bad. Just my opinion.

I’m honestly glad for the people who liked this episode, because for the life of me I can’t. I just can’t. My criticism has nothing to do with “what I wanted”, because I honestly had an open mind about it, sweets. I knew we wouldn’t have JC in it and was excited to see Sophie’s performance. I don’t get how can you say that we didn’t get more Bree at Lallybroch because she had to hurry to get to Jamie and Claire, when she spent half the episode wandering around Laoghaire’s house and having Sesame-Street-bedtime-story-time with her. She could have gone to Lallybroch and we could have had plenty with Ian and the rest of the family (cousins, where are thou?), even if Laura wasn’t available.

So, to me (and I’ll stress that this is my own opinion, which is what you always get on my blog), the material wasn’t nicely done at all. It had no purpose, no coherence, no relevance, no pace, no emotional pull. Roger’s side of things was better, but by then I was so disturbed I couldn’t even focus properly.

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