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Thoughts on Ep. 407

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So yeah. This episode is a complete waste because we already know pretty much everything it covers. Laoghaire is batshit about Jamie and Claire. Frank is the literal worst. Bree knows that her parents didn’t get along. Bonnet is a violent sociopath. Roger thinks he knows what’s best for Bree and doesn’t listen to what *she* wants. We learned literally nothing new about our characters in this episode. This episode was bad. Period. Full stop.

Like, this episode had potential, even without Jenny! I was really looking forward to it! But nope. They never let Laoghaire have any sort of character growth, and then we spend an absurd amount of time with her instead of Bree’s extended family. And they managed to make Fred look even worse than we already know he is so like, fuck all the way off, this episode? What even is your point?

Making changes from the books is the right way to go, I still strongly believe that. This episode is just an example of when doing that goes horribly wrong. I get what they were trying to do with like closing the Frank chapter of Bree’s life and also then letting it be the point of comparison to her relationship with Jamie, but omfg. We already know how she feels about Frank, and his and Claire’s marriage. This episode should have been spent introducing her to Jamie’s world, and to the type of family she could have had if Claire hadn’t gone back through the stones.

Le sigh.

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