julesbeauchamp: One Shot:  “Save Tonight” a/n: As I’m not…


One Shot:  Save Tonight”

a/n: As I’m not posting any fics updates this week, I wanted to share this one-shot inspired by this song and also Lee Miller. She’s one of my favourite photographers and she always reminded me of Claire a little bit. 
Jamie and Claire meet during WWII and one night changes the course of their lives forever.  Enjoy! 

The memories woke up her up, sometimes. Like clutches to her throat, suffocating her. The war had ended a little over two years ago, now. With each passing day, the memories became hazier, blurrier but some things remained…She remembered the smell vividly: a mixture of gunpowder and shredded human flesh. And the noise. Deafening. Some days could go on end without a sound. An agonizing silence that always predicted the impending chaos that would follow.

When the time had come to leave for the front, she didn’t hesitate.

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