Loss (Act II), Party Twenty


I’m not sure what I did to deserve @sassenachwaffles and @kkruml in my life in 2018, and yet here we are.  Thanks to them for helping me smooth out the bumps, as always.

This is likely the last of Loss in 2018.  I hope it’s a good send off to the version of Jamie and Claire who are the most fun for me to write until we return to them in 2019 with the rest of Act II, more ficlets, and Act III. 

I need to thank every single person who has liked, reblogged, DM’ed, tweeted, AO3′ed, texted, or commented on any part of this. Thanks to the anon squad (Waiting Room Anon, Birthday Anon, Jury Duty Anon, and others). Even to those of you who lurk (hi! I don’t bite…), thanks. Writing this since February has been a total whirlwind, and I hope that this is the kind of Hopeful New Year, New Slate kind of moment to close out almost a year of Loss. 💜

;nsfw beneath the cut.

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Loss (Act II)
Part Twenty

We toasted to six more nights, eyes holding onto one another over the table.

Between the bottom of our first glass of wine and our dessert, I slipped one foot out of my sandal and quested for his uninjured leg.  

“What’re ye doin’?” he asked, voice darkening to opaque black with eyes settled on me.

“Truth or dare?”

He snorted, an index finger running lazily up and down the stem of his wine glass.  “Really?”

Really.”  His gaze shifted just slightly to incredulity.  “You started it, and I’m merely resurrecting it.”

Truth, then.”

“How many girls have you kissed?”

Lame,” he snorted.  

Eyebrows raised, I gave a small shrug and indicated with my hand for him to get on with it.  

“Och, weel… I was an athlete, Claire––”

“Oh good.  I’m in for some male self-aggrandizement.”  I smirked, emptying the wine bottle between our glasses.  

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