So Long As I’m With You – Chapter Twelve


Thanks to the wonderful @lburks226​ who’s making her beta debut with this chapter and to @julesbeauchamp​ and @curlsgetdemgurls​ for always being the best cheerleaders!! 

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Chapter Twelve: Hold On To Me 

December 22, 1953 (just after midnight)

“What did you say?”  Claire panted, where she lay on her back in bed next to Jamie.

“I just said,” he heaved, with a breathless laugh, “that I thought my heart was going to burst.”

“Hmm…” She hummed, pleased at her effect on him, as she rolled to her side so that she could press a quick kiss to the center of his chest, before propping herself up on her elbow to peer down at him.

She ran a lazy finger up the carved length of his naked torso, looking up at him again when she felt him tense beneath her touch.

“What is it?” She whispered, playfully at first, though the flirty smile on her face quickly fell away when she saw the panicked—almost horrified—look on his face.

“Please.” She begged after a few seconds of silence, running her hand up his chest and neck to cup his chin, “Please don’t say that you regret it.”

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