Nope, nothing interesting in the podcasts. Toni is besotted with her bird analogies and thats’s basically it. One thing they mentioned was that they considered cutting the scene where Jamie and Bree come back from the bee hunt with Claire saying she will put on the kettle. Another thing which I noticed too was that Sophie and Sam improvised “Good Job” in the honey eating scene. It was too be a silent scene and they were allowed to improvise, yet “good job” isn’t period appropriate.

I don’t get the bird analogie honestly. I mean I think it reminded Jamie when Claire was in her own time but now why? we didn’t even have one single rabbit and it was bree thing..They could have cut that scene imo. In the “inside the episode” video we can see another scene with bree and Jamie. I think it was after he’s beaten Roger because you can see he has his hand hurt. I would have liked to see how he was acting after that.. but they cut it.

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