Are you a CaitOnly now? I have never seen you gushing and defending her over Sam like this. But I’m glad to have you in our side, Sam can keep for himself his trashy horny grannies fans green with envy for Cait success, talent and AWARDS. You are welcome! 😉👏👏

Nope. I’m a Sam first and I like Cait most of the time although she annoys me on the regular lately. It doesn’t mean she deserves crap for made up things. I am just a fair person and will call it out when someone is being unfair, an ass, has poor reading comprehension or all three.

Congrats anon. You’re all three. Asshat.

PS I don’t think Cait deserved a nomination for seasons one or four. Sam has deserved one for seasons one, three and four. But it’s not a competition. I also think Sam has more talent but that doesn’t mean Cait lacks it by any means. This does not have to be an all or nothing fandom. And I wish people like you weren’t in it.

I’m glad I’m going to see Mary Poppins tonight to clear my mind from these idiots.

Blocked. Normally I would block first but once a month or so I allow myself the chance to expose people who shouldn’t be near a keyboard.

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