It’s key the average fan has no idea of Cait’s cold shoulder to Sam but isn’t the purpose of a SM account, esp for celebs, to build up that part of fan bases? Why not take those fan opinions, esp if they are collectively neg about you, into consideration? Also if they average fans don’t notice cold shoulders they prob also don’t notice ship things like we do. If both percentages are insignificant why go overboard against one side? Why not be more even toned or at least more natural in behavior?

Just because someone is in professional PR, doesn’t mean they give good advice to their clients all the time. 

Could be her team is focused on two things.  Getting her face time and awards and continuing to get more non-OL projects.  What they fail to realize is that people have to like her to want to see her in a movie. It doesn’t just mean want to see her co-stars because the only good thing in Money Monster was Julia Roberts and that movie was not really a financial success despite two pretty big names. 

I’ve given up trying to figure out the bad advice she’s getting. 

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