Do you actually agree with the anon who claims that Cait “always” comes across badly in interviews? Because I couldn’t disagree more – I’ve found her to be charming, interesting and articulate. And, what “brand” does Sam have outside of the (rabid, yes, but tiny) Outlander fandom? He (like Cait) is virtually unknown. I bet if I stopped 100 people on the street and asked them what they thought about Sam Heughan, I’d get 100 “Huh?” ‘s, unless I chanced upon an Outlander fan (same for CB).

I think people would know Sam more if you said the Jamie or the Scottish guy from Outlander.  Many casual fans don’t necessarily know the actors’ names.  I would say he would be more well known than she even though both are a relative amount of “well known”.  When I talk to the several casual fans in my personal and professional life, they never mention Cait.   She even admitted it, people barely even recognize or notice her even when they are standing there together. (Which, I think, they have used to their advantage and have mastered the art of she keeps walking like in the Budapest airport last year.)

I think in live interviews, Cait comes off pretty well because her personality comes through.  (Although she’s always better with Sam because they give each other such great energy.)  But that is not always the case, I think I mentioned at Paley this year that toward the end of the panel, she looked distracted.  (Maybe she just wanted it to be over to get back to the hotel to be with Sam for the first time in several weeks.)

I think her print interviews, unfortunately, do not reflect well on her on a regular basis.  Print interviews tend to last much longer with a variety of questions and I think she needs more media training because in almost every one, she makes a statement that she shouldn’t and it usually involves insulting some part of the fanbase.  The last HB interview was one of her better ones (and the Maestro comment at the end was almost certainly added by HB since it is in the public domain).  Hopefully, they continue like that.  We’ll see what happens in the movie promo, although so she will likely only get secondary promo since Bale, Damon and even Josh Lucas are bigger names.

Her biggest problem for me is the incongruence.  People who meet her at cons say she is warm, nice and personable. Her co-stars sing her praises.  In print interviews she does not come across like this and on social media, for some inexplicable reason, she makes some pretty horrible and avoidable mistakes. She’s not a rookie any more, she needs more consistency and discipline. 

I want to like her even if I don’t understand her right now.  She makes it hard to do both from time to time.  I do have empathy for what she’s living right now, since I don’t think she’s living her truth. And for that, I refer you to my Bravery blog.  I still stand by it.

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