There’s been conversations that if cait would have walked the red carpet with sam, she would have had more attn, people would have known her name (that’s on PR), etc. but isn’t that the whole point of what they’re doing? They want to be recognized as individual actors and not constantly correlated together?

Yes, they are trying to carve out their own careers and their own identities separate from Outlander.  That is perfectly understandable and a good strategy.  Outlander won’t last forever.  The problem becomes the ways they are doing it, with one fake SO for one and then the other takes over this year.  And neither looked/looks happy about it and neither are their best selves when they are trying to sell it.

Makes you think.  There are plenty of other co-stars out there who don’t work so hard at it being seen as separate people.  Could it be that when they eventually admit they are linked personally, that they want to feel that they have done a good job at establishing themselves separately as actors first?   Isn’t that what actual couples do?  John and Emily deliberately chose not to work together until she read A Quiet Place.  Mila stated last year that she won’t work with Ashton.  Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes would arrive at and leave parties separately before they revealed.   If Sam and Cait were just co-stars, they probably wouldn’t be trying so hard (her especially) to carve out that separate personal niche, complete with fake timelines and latergrams. 

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