Loss Ficlet: Retelling 1.0 (Three Times Jamie Fraser Did Not Get Claire Beauchamp’s Number, And The One Time He Did) (Jamie POV)


A long, long time ago, I promised @balfeheughlywed a Jamie POV on Jamie and Claire’s first meetings (that ficlet is here) in exchange for a wedding moodboard. Here I am.  Delivering like eight months later. I’m sorry! Here it is to celebrate my one year blog-a-versary. I hope it was worth the wait. <3 

Loss (Modern AU)
Retelling 1.0 (Three Times…)
April 2016

This is the creation of a love story.  It is a narrator’s attempt (mine) to breathe life into a series of moments that led to a conclusion that seems improbable absent some guiding force.

Fate.  Karma.  Divine intervention.  Dumb luck.  

These chance encounters –– some moments in time –– became the starting point for an infinity.

A distillery and a lesson on the pronunciation of a name.  An accident and emergency department in a hospital with a busted hand.  A pub so loud it made every conversation for the following forty-eight hours sound as thought it was filtered through cotton.  A charity benefit for a pediatric oncology ward at the hospital where she worked.  A flat in a second floor walkup where we would bind these moments together.

I have never been a believer in love at first sight.

The suddenness of a curtain parting on a moment that is over before it begins.  

First sight.  An instant.  A realization that made me feel stupid that she would be very important to me somehow.  This random customer.  A feeling (not one identifiable as love, but the flaky seed of it from a paper packet in the palm of a hand). The cracking apart of a chest, the larceny of air from the ruby linings of my lungs by amber eyes and a razor tongue.

This woman.  

Well, I had surely known her in another lifetime.  

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