Maybe production / OL BTS is so messy because MBR etc know that the show sucks without Jamie and Claire but they can’t do anything about it because Sam and Caitriona used their weight to get more time off. So hearing these comments is hard for them bc they can’t fix it 🤷🏻‍♀️

No. This isn’t on Sam and Caitriona and any time off they may have negotiated, which is total speculation. It’s on the writers and executive producers of the show who have taken liberties with the story and characters in a way that is not true to who they are, or what this show is supposed to be about. They are the ones who are paid good money to take the source material and adapt it to a television format and make it better when necessary and they’ve largely done the opposite.

The problem ultimately lies with production for having a huge revolving door of writers and a writing staff that is far too large for a show with only 13 episodes. They’ve kept writers around who don’t understand the characters or story. They clearly don’t have a script supervisor in charge of making sure there is continuity and follow through from episode to episode. They don’t have an editor who looks to cut non-JC scenes before JC scenes. And they hired two actors to play the other romantic couple on this show who have no chemistry together. Literally none. They’re in the negative.

This isn’t on Sam or Cait. Not at all.

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