I am cringing at Cait’s last pic. A dark alley? There are infinite other Cali locations better suited to take a pic of a sweet car. Hiding her face. I’m sure Audi would love their brand ambassadors to show a smile or at least make it noticeable that it’s them. She’s making a joke her poor driving skills. Everything I’d put on a “what not to do” list when ambassador for a luxury brand. Is she trying too hard to use her Audi relationship to trick her location or is she just naive to this stuff?

No idea.

She could be trying to decoy her location.  She could be just thanking Audi and think she’s being funny.   She’s got the ring on but my gut when I saw the picture was “not new” and she’s also got the gold bands on.

Come to think of it the 4-5 mixed messages in this picture/tweet are classic metaphor for Cait.  All over the place.

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