“giving Sam and Cait more control” But do you really think it would make a difference? Cait did say so many writers who don’t actually get the characters can be frustrating, but she is also the one who portrayed Claire like this because she couldn’t connect with her (she literally said that) and the one who asked for changes we absolutely don’t agree with (not just intimacy, siding with Brianna was a BAD call). Also she said they were happy having less screen time because it means more time off.

You’re writing through a filter of not liking Cait, that’s pretty obvious.

She didn’t ask for less intimacy, she asked for less explicit sex scenes.  She did have trouble connecting with Claire, part of that could be her issues and part of that could be the way they wrote Claire. In other interviews, she said she liked exploring that side of Claire.  But people like you will only quote the one that suits your filter.

Claire sided with Bree in the books too, in fact it was worse, if I recall.

More control in the writer’s room will help them from taking Jamie and Claire too far astray, which is what I saw in an episode or two this year.

As to having less screen time, in the interview she’s not going to say that they thought that was a bad idea so she said essentially, Yay!, we didn’t have six-day week of 14 hour days.  I saw it as just a lighthearted comment to an interviewer.   I know when I had to go six months without a day off last year, I was fried.

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