“ I think your constant refrain that Sam and Caitriona “share a life” is supported by less and less verifiable information” iA with this anon. An apt sam bought when cait bought another does not make a shared life. And you have nothing but that.

Actually that is what makes a shared life. Cait bought hers first and the old one went on the market the same month she closed on her new apt….and then Sam just jumped in to buy it…

One of the apts is likely an investment, hardly unusual, imo. A couple where both are wealthy would do that. We don’t know which apt Cait spends most of her time in. And the point is they both decided to settle down and invest in Glasgow.

Besides the apt., they have everyday joint friends and acquaintances, as well as joint charity interests (I don’t see many costars randomly hosting intimate joint charity events) and business ventures.

Sorry… that’s what I see. Imo, but feel free to disagree, those things are at the core of long term stable relationships…not vacations and work appearances, the latter you can have with friends and employees.

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