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we always speak of JC being absent from this season due to the lack of screentime, time to breath, to love, to be them… but there is something else

Drums always was for me the last step in Jamie’s healing from this 20 years.. it’s the book where

  • he lives with his love without any major separation/threat for the first time 
  • he manages to spent some time with his son and witness the deep relation between LJG and his son and it helps him I think to be truly at peace with his choice 
  • he become the laird he was always supposed to be
  • he built a home for his love, a home where she feels safe like if his arms are always around her
  • he is free to wear a kilt and lives in all the scottish customs that are now forbidden in Scotland 
  • he find a way to make peace with Wentworth by helping his baby girl to heal
  • he creates a beautiful relation with his baby girl
  • he is here to help her through a thing he would have died to do with Claire: letting her crushing his hand and then taking the baby in his arms

so yeah here is the other great miss of s4.. Jamie taking his baby in his arms is his last step in healing… but they neglected this beautiful relation.. I can’t see why Jamie taking here on his knee and taking her in his arms to console her was unrealistic? I can’t see why Brianna’s constant need to bring “MY FATHER” in the conversation was being realistic? I can’t see why her not having Gaelic lessons with him and by that carrying her inherance was unrealistic?.. I can’t see why her being still angry and refusing to hear LJG speaking of her da’s honor was being realistic?..

in the book Jamie and Brianna had a kind of love at first sight relation.. A recognition that they were always part of each other.. She feels safe with him right away.. I don’t understand why her being tense with him since their meeting is being realistic..

Their relation had no time to breath, to be fully construct and this is the biggest miss in s4 with JC lack of presence… A relation that is the heart of drums and one of his biggest theme with finding your home, finding your identity but never forget your roots… Like Ian feels that he has this Indian calling but never forget that he is a Scott, Brianna accept that she is a Fraser and that she can love Jamie and still being a Randall too and loving Frank..  this is Drums…

but they missed the point and it sadden me because Show!Jamie deserves this relation and these beautiful scene so much.. Now I hope that we will have at least the birth scene and the most beautiful “if you stay I will live” from Brianna to her Da but I doubt it…


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