We get a lot of comparisons with Jamie and Claire’s relationship, but what I like is the contrast. Jamie and Claire’s is a very ideal, simple, romantic, love story. Ours is entirely different. I like the fact that we have these two very different relationships. There is a very different spirit to each of them. What I like about Roger and Brianna as a relationship, as a couple, is how relatable they can be as a couple and individually in terms of how they conduct themselves within a relationship.

It’s something Rik has said in an interview. 

I wouldn’t call JC love simple at all lol But yes for sure the two relationships are very different. One is believable, not the other. One is relationship goal, not the other. One is based on respect and trust, not the other. One is(was?) passionate, not the other. I could go on and on like that lol

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