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“It’s just an oasis. A beautiful,… exciting,… romantic,…. oasis.”

#2 things are excellent about this scene:  #1. Evie’s amazing long coat of light cotton in that coppery check (adventuress chic)  #and 2. the way rick is transparently and devotedly in love with his wife  #he’s trying to be chill about it to avoid agreeing to immediately going travelling again  #but he’s LOST  #FATHOMS DEEP  #that third gif when she comes back around and he’s just PINING for his OWN WIFE  #oh children

#3. The fact that despite being HOPELESSLY in love with his wife, immediately after this moment he demands to know what the catch is, because unlike so many other dads/husbands in humorous movies, he’s No Fool.

He knows he’ll be walking into crap, he just wants to know what kind

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

4. The doomed attempt at a stern face in the third gif, when he turns to look at her and instantly loses it anyway 😂

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