The gofugyourself recap is a total upgrade from watching the show. She is such a clever and on point writer. And you don’t have to pay for it or get preached to by the content creators! The comments section is always good for additional laughs too.

“she’s one of the few who ever makes me LAUGH in a way that is intentional, and I need that on this show. It is almost never funny anymore.”

This statement right here, production needs to pay attention to it. It is the exact cause of Wretched Hubby tuning out. They’ve lost a fan, a non book male fan. Hubby burned his Outlander fan card around episode 5.

His complaints: it’s too negative, nobody is ever happy, Claire always looks pained (no joke, that was his comment at the end if every S4 ep he watched, “why does she always look at him with such pain?”) it’s not about characters anymore, too much drama for shock value, it’s boring.

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