waltzaboutwhiskyonice: Will Outlander Showrunner Ron D. Moore Step Down After Season 4? This is old…


This is old but relevant! I remember reading this and not thinking about it. Now that we’ve come to the end of season 4 , makes a whole lot of sense. Incidentally, Terry left. Explains what ratings v subscribers means to those whom still don’t get it. References Anne and Ira leaving and the very young unknown writing staff…

‘ “I’m still the showrunner, but a lot of the day-to-day showrunning is done by [executive producers] Matt Roberts and Toni Graphia … I’ve delegated more authority to them. Matt is on the ground a lot in the U.K., and Toni is in charge of the writers’ room. And they both report to me and I still sort of oversee the whole production. But I’m not on the front lines like I was.

I can’t begin to tell you the VOLUMES spoken in this simple statement here by the man himself! He even DOUBLES DOWN by saying:

They’re competent, and good, and smart, and they add different things than I would to the production … you want your people to take on more responsibility, and you want them to grow within the show, and you give them room to do that. Sometimes you just have to be willing to delegate, and not feel like you’re the only one with the answer.” ‘

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