I’ve honestly never cringed so hard at some of the lines in an outlander episode it was actually surprising. It honestly just felt like a shitty day time soap I’m scarred for life lmaoo

The part where Roger punches Jamie and Ian is running through the gauntlet or whatever the fuck it was in order to become part of the Mohawk was EMBARRASSING. I was literally cringing with secondhand embarrassment.

First of all, Roger is going to whine and cry about being sold into slavery and beaten to a man who was imprisoned, flogged, nearly hanged, raped and tortured, forced to live in a cave for three years, imprisoned again, forced into servitude, who lost his first child and never got to see her, and was forced to send his wife and second child away through the stones and lived without them for TWENTY years??

Fuck Roger. He’s trash. He blamed Bree for why he left. Be a fucking man, you left because you’re an asshole and have treated her like shit for the duration of your relationship. The only satisfying part of his scenes was that JAMIE FUCKING KNOWS. HE KNOWS ROGER IS A WEAK COWARD AND TRASH. The look of disgust on his face when Roger was talking was everything.

This finale was a flop. TERRIBLE television and I am so glad the show is getting dragged on twitter because it’s what they deserve. Fuck them.

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