I really don’t understand why Sam has to double down on the loss of the birthing scene when he knows it devastated a lot of fans after an already crap season. Do you? And give me a break about a realistic time line. It’s a show about time travel! 😐 Contrary to Sam is saying, we also didn’t gain anything either, did we? No J/B reconciliation, no J/C bonding with Jem. It was all about Broger.

Sam has to walk a fine line for awhile.  Yesterday, was all Sam, IMO.  He asked for feedback on the finale and he got an earful. He promised to listen more and return to answer more.

At the same time, he has an obligation to his employer.  He’s perhaps been asked to make sure that some sort of balance is achieved in the fandom while emotions are still running high.  It’s not like this is a live show and so they can make adjustments for next week.  It’s a year away but they don’t want to end in this way. That at least tells me they are taking notice.  And it won’t change what the critics have said.  I’m also wondering if some entertainment sites are calling to talk about the fandom in an uproar and so they need to calm the waters.  Sam has a big stake in the show both as an actor and hopefully a producer. He’s the best person to do it.  Rock meet hard place.  I don’t envy him.  Actually,  I give him credit.

I think he’s also pointing out things that were added that were good such as Murtagh.  Maybe that was suggested to him.

I noticed he also said let’s ask for more episodes. 

It is a show about time travel so that bends time from century to century.  They aren’t apparating from location to location within the same time.  They could have done other things, for example while the majority of the Mohawk settled in upstate NY, some did settle as far south as Pennsylvania. That would have cut back at least a month each way and they could race back for the birth. 

Although I did roll my eyes at the person who said the Cherokee asked for accuracy.  They asked for accuracy in how their people were portrayed, not about what the GPS said.

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