Sam is playing both sides on the finale. LOL

I’m thinking he has to walk a fine line between his desire to protect his character - JAMMF - and his need to not throw his bosses under the bus, not matter how disgruntled he is (if he is). He should be more definitive, not defend poor choices. So he says one thing on TW and retweets critical articles. I don’t get why he and Caitriona didn’t fight for J/C this season. They wanted a lighter filming schedule? Did they not care about their characters when they read the script or during filming? In the aftermath of S4, they realized fans are pissed and feel compelled to do something? The articles released about them potentially having producer credits was done sometimes during S4, not after. So, it seems that they knew they were taken out of their own story. Why didn’t they do anything about it? If they fought for some scenes in Season 2 - e.g., the pregnant love scene - why didn’t they fight for J/C in S4? What changed? What’s going on bts? Power struggle between writers, actors,  producers, and execs?

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