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See it’s not hate. As I was watching the episodes I did watch I said it wasn’t horrible or bad, it was entertaining TV only not my Outlander. Not my Jamie and Claire. Not engaging dynamic that had you rooting for your couple or on the edge of your seat waiting for what comes next. Just an hour to spend. No hype. It has nothing to do with the book or the changes. It has to do with keeping the essence of the story having Jamie and Claire front and center being able to insert the adjacents in an inclusive way that feels organic and natural and works as a unit.

And by god don’t lose the Jamie and Claire interaction, as boring as you may think it is. It shows their connection which is why this show and books are magical in the first place.

Ah! Thank you. I’m glad someone finally said something about the narrative chops and sloppy CGI including the CGI both from S4 and S3 finale. I struggled a lot with S3 finale as well. I felt the pull back to the eye of the hurricane was actually cheesy. My husband started laughing at that point and hasn’t watched OL since.

Wonderfully expressed!!!! I hope they are all getting an ear full because it is plainly embarrassing how many professional reviews are coming out showcasing the shortcomings of the season, let alone the fans opinions.

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