OUTLANDER Review: “Man Of Worth”

OUTLANDER Review: “Man Of Worth”:


What season 4 of Outlander made blatantly obvious, is that there’s no easy way to change the focus of your story by bringing in another love story to direct the attention too. Both Brianna and Roger are wildly unlikable, and even though there was the “will he come back for her or won’t he” moment during the finale, it’s time to put their story on the back burner for the betterment of the series. Better yet, the sooner they can be sent back to the 1970’s the better. If they can’t take their baby with them when they do it, better yet, because it would be far more interesting watching Claire and Jamie raise their grandchild, than seeing Brianna and Roger do it. Season 5 is going to be a make or break season as to whether or not the series has the legs to keep going. I sure hope they can iron out the wrinkles and get back to what was so interesting before, because it would be a shame for this series to peter out.

But you know, it’s just us JC stans/book huggers who are complaining.

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