Outlander Finale Recap: The Ballad of Murcasta

Outlander Finale Recap: The Ballad of Murcasta:






I…LOVE…Heather!  I’m howling!  Oh man.  So many zingers   LOL!

So, these two stand there clasping at each other as if they are two humans with chemistry. And then she says, in that emotionless way she has, “You’re here.”

So hard to choose a favourite but “ She is the Watching Paint Dry of people.” is in my top three

“Jamie cares deeply for us, so he puts on his glasses one last time this season to read the missive.“ 

“   Dogface is still living in his tent, licking his wounds in front of a fairly courteously provided fire, and generally being of no use. It’s very much as if the Dread Pirate Kaheroton is like, “Goodnight Dogface, sleep tight, we’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”   I howled!!  Fav movie!!

“Murtagh is hopeful she can forgive Jamie, then, too. This significant character moment essentially goes like this:

hey girl u cool w jamie now


k thx”

SMDH. I was between laughing and shaking my head through the finale and it’s supposed to angsty and sad. It’s even worse than mediocre, it’s a everything-can-go-wrong-has-gone-wrong level of debacle.

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