DG in her forum reply to “Are Roger and Bree also protagonists in Outlander.” (1/?) “How could they not be? <scratching head> I mean, if you read the books, you can _see_ how much of the story belongs to them (less than belongs to Jamie and Claire, but it’s still a significant thread of the overall larger story). Worth noting, I think, that Roger and Brianna’s thread winds through and over Jamie and Claire’s–it’s a major part of _their_ story, and vice-versa. 👉🏻

I guess that DG also got the slap in the hand for passive aggressively posting the birth scene missing from the book. They know that some of the most vocals fans are also book readers and they are afraid for their investment to go awry (and so is she… I’m expecting an announcement of one of her novellas to get its own show in payment for this).

At some point in her explanation she seems to have a hard time separating the characters from the people, though! Funny how that happens!!!

And not sure if this is from the same anon as the 4 previous ones but interesting how DG is just instructing people to give up and just take it. I guess she feels we are gonna need a healthy amount of Vaseline to take in s5.

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