I never liked the Bree part of the story. Casing Sophie has just made it worse. She is not at all what I pictured Bree to be. If she were a better actress I might not still think of her physical characteristics and how they don’t match what I think Bree should be.

Bree was horribly written in the books. A true travesty. Roger, though, was very well written in the books. He’s likable and everything.

All they had to do was make a better Bree.

But, nooooo. Instead, they decided to bring show Roger down to book Bree’s level and then they took show Bree down a few more notches to make her even worse than book Bree.

Then they based an entire season on the two worst characters ever and had then portrayed by less than stellar actors. I mean, honestly, I doubt even the best of actors could have elevated the shit they were dealt to work with… but still.

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