What are you top five favourite Loss ficlets?

How can you make me pick between my own children like this?

Just kidding *cracks knuckles*.  Let’s go at President Snow on them. In no particular order:

  1. Barrier (the birth control talk about eight times too late) - they’re so new and a little awkward here; Jamie is so eager, and she’s excited, but a little tentative; I love them in this stage
  2. Afghanistan (war and the scar on Jamie’s thigh) - this is the first time he’s openly laid himself bare to her, let her see his damage
  3. Words (Jamie is working on a big project and is a little moody; Claire tries not to let it get to her) - I think these two are at their sexiest/greatest with a little simmering tension, a touch of flirtation, and calling each other back to the seemingly insignificant details of their story (Jamie remembering that the dress she wears was the one she wore on their first date)
  4. Handfasting (Jamie & Claire and a tradition that predates everything they know) - I love this more than I loved their wedding; it is intimate and just them through and through, particularly Claire’s squickiness about doing it with some sort of non-sterile instrument
  5. Bookcases (snooping and Harry Potter) - this felt like the turning point for me for Claire, where she let the category of “fuck buddy” melt into something else

There is a good chance that a different day would get you a completely different answer to this question. 

Honorable mentions:

  1. More (dates two, three, and almost-four)
  2. Spain (Jamie goes on a business trip to Barcelona and things get trying) 
  3. Shed (forever home?)
  4. Boyfriend (the first time Claire says the word)

Do you have any favorites, Anon?

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