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Stopped to see my mother today to drop off some items that I picked up for her.   She is a casual fan, has read some of the books and only follows the Outlander Facebook account.  She has several friends who are also casual fans. 

Mom: I have some questions about Outlander

Me: What did you think of the finale?

Mom: That was the finale? That’s bullshit

(Love my Mom, her only vice is she swears like a trucker.  She’s very tech savvy but no way am I introducing her to Tumblr or Twitter. Besides, she’s too busy being a political activist-Go Mom.)

Me: Yes, some of the fandom has some issues

Mom: Why did they bother with Roger coming back?  Was that scene with her running across the lawn really corny or is that just me?

Also, Why didn’t they show Brianna and Jamie coming together after they returned?

Me: That’s a common question. Explains what was in the book about C/J being at the birth being edited out, etc.  Her jaw literally dropped.

Mom: I liked Ian and the Mohawk, that was good. Jamie and Ian made me cry.   I love Lord John and Murtagh.

After I explained how 407 with Frank and Laoghaire was essentially made up, she just shook her head and said “I hope they don’t ruin the show next season.  They better not be trying to replace Jamie and Claire with those other two because…just no.

So here’s a woman who is not married to the books because she isn’t through all of them yet.  She just knows what she likes and what drew her to the story and kept her interest.

The folks at Outlander should pay attention. #outlander

Wise Mom.

This was me Sunday night in group text with my daughter’s best friend Moms’ and Dads’ . They were all “bullshit”. On Monday morning at school drop off, I could have held a freaking study/informational group at a middle school. They all know I read the books and am a fandom person. They are not. All had similar complaints and opinions. All are not sure they want to watch anymore.

It’s clear that as a TV show S4 has failed miserably. Their fall from grace is plain for all to see. To blame it all on unhappy book fans is insulting and burying their heads in the sand.

The popular opinions of the 3-million casual fans in China who most are non-book readers are giving up the show because this show is cheapened into a soap opera and Broger’s characters and storylines turned them off. The failure of this season is recognised across cultures and languages.

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