pissedoffsoka13: Let’s be clear on a few things regarding Outlander:1. It has not be groundbreaking…


Let’s be clear on a few things regarding Outlander:

1. It has not be groundbreaking post S1.

2. It has not focused on the female gaze and/or female sexuality post S1.

3. Highlighting sexual violence as means of storytelling is not noteworthy. It’s not about faithful adaptation either since that practice has clearly been applied selectively (and poorly), i.e., undermining Jamie and Claire’s relationship over the span of four seasons.

4. Adaptation has to be context specific. Allowing contemporary notions of empowerment and heterosexual gender power dynamics to color the storytelling has a limited outcome — it does immense disservice to the writer’s work and perverts the essence of the characters and their relationship to each other.

5. Feminist empowerment is not one dimensional. Book Claire is a complex woman who is not afraid to be formidable yet vulnerable, articulate yet silly. Show Claire in S4 strips away everything that makes Claire a beloved character that so many women can identify with regardless of age.

6. Outlander is a sexual story. It’s romance, sex, history, time travel, etc, sex and romance. Sex and romance. Somehow sex and romance have become taboo words in the latest cycle feminist empowerment ala Hollywood. We are told (repeatedly) that sex scenes in Outlander are not gratuitous and that they exist to further the storytelling. We have seen gratuitous sex in S4. Yet the sex and intimacy that characterizes Jamie and Claire are glaringly missing. Did their story end once settled on Fraser’s Ridge? Is sex no longer part of their lives? Is intimacy dead in a solid relationship? Everything we have seen in S4 contradicts the core of Outlander.

7. An abusive relationship and misogynistic characters are not vogue. There is no redeeming value to the way in which the secondary couple has been written or acted. This lackluster couple taints the show; there is nothing to look forward to in S5 if their coupling is front and center.

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