I wonder why Sam us never asked about the sex scene, if he’s comfortable with nudity etc. He’s always ignored and not included in the discussion. Cait is left alone and her quotes are always used against her. I actually think Sam has been way more objectified and used as meat by the production. His opinion should matter as well, but it seems Cait is seen as the lead and nobody cares what he thinks or feels. Most probably they share the same thoughts, but we’ll never know if nobody ever asks him.

It’s not about who is the lead, it’s always about the woman in sex scenes. Guys just have to show their ass.

I think Cait is in a no win situation in those answers. She’s being honest and her statements are appropriate to me. But it feels like unless she says I wish we could film the scenes with Claire fucking Jamie like season one because I get off on seeing myself that way, then she will take some heat. I’d never want to be a celeb, that’s for sure.

She’s made me nuts in several ways this past year but I actually admired her honest and vulnerable answer.

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