Cait is right, it’s not soft core porn. And, she’s not saying she won’t do the sex scenes. She’s saying that when they are done everyone should be comfortable with how they’re portrayed. And, considering she was the one naked this year and sam wasn’t, I’d have to say once again, she is speaking for both of them (and sophie, etc). S4- the scenes weren’t written- plain and simple. And, one that was- Sam admitted it was cut. That’s not the actor’s fault.

I agree but not entirely. I do think S4 scenes were poorly written and often rushed. Things were cut as well. 

But it wasn’t just that, I think things were a bit off… 

I think Cait herself mentioned she struggled with portraying an older, more settled Claire. I can tell. She had a hard time portraying settled contentment, at least in the form the writers/producers wanted or imagined. 

I do feel that she and Sam had this relationship between JC that they played well and in S4 that dynamic had to change. They were no longer new lovers, or rediscovered lovers (so new lovers again in a way), they were supposed to play a settled home relationship and I think Cait, more so than Sam, had a hard time portraying that the way it was written.

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