Escape: Valentine’s Day


“I’m nervous.”

“Och,” Jamie chided, watching his son try and knot his tie.  “Ye’ve better rhythm than yer father.  Ye’ll be fine.”

“Bollocks! Da, do I have to wear a tie?” Henry huffed.

“Mind yer language,” Jamie stepped behind 13-year-old Henry who stood facing the mirror.  He reached around him to adjust the ends of the tie so his son could try again. ‘What did the Headmaster say?  Are ties to be worn?”

Henry made a very Jamie-like Scottish noise in response.  Clearly, that was a yes.

While Jamie was still a good head and a half taller, Henry was growing fast.  He had a gorgeous mop of dark hair that Claire kept just short enough at the back to keep the hair off of his collar as per the school rules, but long enough that the curls were loose.  Henry also inherited Jamie’s sky blue eyes.  He was a good-looking lad, if Jamie did say so himself.

Even if he was a bit on the scrawny side, still. 

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