pissedoffsoka13: “So much of what makes you crazy is just your own thoughts, right? So if you can…


“So much of what makes you crazy is just your own thoughts, right? So if you can stop that spiral at a point … ” - Balfe

This quote might explain the shift in both the SamCait narrative and the way OL production dealt with sex scenes post S1. We have seen how unguarded Caitriona and Sam were in the early days, either behind the scenes, on the red carpet, or during interviews and panels. They we loved up. LOVED UP (it comes out occasionally now but nothing like it used to be). They only had eyes for each other. I’m not here to debate whether that was showmance or romance because no showmance can ever reach their organic level of devotional practice. 

We have seen how raw and honest they were on screen with their intimacy in S1 (and beyond but definitely not in S4). Safe in their Scotland bubble, nothing could touch them. Once the show gained traction, fans started noticing their on-and-off screen chemistry. Sexy gifs started floating around (not blaming gif makers, nothing but love for them). Speculations about their relationship status intensified. They, or Caitriona in particular, probably realized they got more than they bargained for. They were too unguarded too soon. Bared all for the world to see, their hearts and their bodies. Where to go from that point on? 

“So much of what makes you crazy is just your own thoughts…” Think about the endless fascination with SamCait. Think about the things fans imagine she and Sam do in their private time together. Think about how intrusive some overzealous fans have been. Think about the whole Shatner debacle. Think about the whole world knowing she said Sam’s name during a sex scene. Think about how women fawn over Sam. Think about how women oversexualize Sam. 

This is not about fans being bad fans or that there are “good fans” and “bad fans.” It’s not about shipping. It’s not about shippers. It’s about the reality the she was probably confronted with after Outlander became popular. In all likelihood, it was probably too much to handle. Too freaking much. What was her option? Perhaps to put a stop to all of it. ALL OF IT. Hence, we are where we are at now with SamCait and the show. The price of exposure, fame, riches, and above all, public scrutiny. DIAL BACK. GIVE NOTHING. 

It’s something to consider. 

Excellent observations. It sounds to me she has been aware she’s overthinking over something she couldn’t control, and finally she’s honest about it. I hope being honest, talking about it openly is a sign of letting go. It’s easy to say as an actress she should not care what people think about her. But apart from being an actress, she is a person, she is a woman. 

She’s not young anymore when she landed this big gig. She has become famous quickly. Then she met the love of her life and they have to fake sex on set for the whole world to see.  She wasn’t exactly lucky in previous relationships. I could imagine it’s too much for her to handle at times.

I still don’t think what they have been / are doing is the only way to go. But this article finally sheds light on how she feels in a more honest manner. She’s no longer hiding behind Claire, Outlander and whom she’s not with and she’s with. This article makes it possible to relate to her, sympathise with her.

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