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I have been trying not to weigh in on this, because there is plenty of opinion already.  But I seem to not be able to help myself so I’ll keep my commentary to two brief points: 

You cannot use your social media to court over a million followers, but then be upset when they actually follow you and your activity. This is not a personal IG anymore, and there should be no expectation that it be so. If he wants privacy, a separate limited account seems like the only way. Seems simple enough and I find it difficult to believe that he - an SM savant - or his highly paid PR staff don’t realize this. Can’t eat your cake and have it too, Heughan. (I recently learned that this is actually the correct way to phrase this saying - who knew?!). 

The people in this fandom who tag celebs and their friends & acquaintances, spewing insults, hate and disgusting commentary will never leave but will ultimately drive away many of the good and genuine people in the fandom, as well as ultimately the celebs themselves. They are the absolute worst and to blame for so much of the strife we see here on a daily basis. However, I respect everyone’s right to take (respectful) issue with the actions of a celeb - just as we do with the people in our own lives.  They are not infallible and people’s perspectives may vary. Fans are not automatically bad people because they choose to express a particular point of view. 

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