Flame & Water



- It looks very old! What is it?

- “Flame and water pots,” Japan, Jomon period, about 5000 years old. Pottery is some of the original crafts, the first arts. And even there, we are not content to make something merely functional—oh no! We must decorate, differentiate, and even imbue the pots with symbolic meanings :) Like it’s intrinsic, part of the very fiber of our being, inextricable from being human.

- It is very true. Just the functionality of the object is not enough; the decorative, the added value, what sets it apart from the rest; that is sometimes more important than the function of the object. Is that what you mean?


- Exactly! You just went full existentialist there! 

- Hahaha you take me to that!

- We must return to the earliest forms, and observe the changes carefully, only then can we see the scope of art, of its role in our history, our humanity.

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