What if Jenny realized (just before Jamie´s wedding with L) that she wouldn´t do that when Ian was dead. As much she can´t imagine herself to be wed to anyone else than Ian, she couldnnt do that to Jamie either. He is alone and sad, but he will not be happy in this situation.

“How’s the bridegroom?” Jenny asked as Ian came to bed. “Does he have nerves?” She chuckled. It had been a while since they’d had much worth celebrating at Lallybroch—well, since they’d had much worth celebrating and Jamie home to celebrate with. Hogmanay didn’t count. He’d been there but it had taken half the night before he showed much liveliness at all. But it had been the beginning of him coming back—truly coming back. And the morning would be another fresh start for him and for that MacKimmie widow and her two lasses.

“He didna say anything of the wedding tomorrow,” Ian informed Jenny with a somber tone that had Jenny sitting back up in bed beside him.

“He didna say anything about it? No even a thought for his bride?”

Ian shook his head, his lips pressed together and brow furrowed in thought.

“Perhaps tha’s just how he faces such things,” Ian tried to reason. “It’s no like we were there to see what state he was in when he wed Claire. Might be he was tight-lipped about it all then too.”

Jenny’s excitement ebbed at the thought, the memory of her lost sister-in-law. They hadn’t even had word from Jamie in years when he’d shown up out of the blue and with a sassenach wife. Not having had the opportunity to be there had been just one more thorn she caught on when thinking about those years after their father’s death and before Jamie’s return. When she was being fair, she reasoned that he hadn’t been present for her wedding either, that it wasn’t as important as supporting each other’s choice of spouse and the family they were when they were together.

“After all,” Ian continued in his own reverie, slipping to lie down beneath the blankets already warmed by her presence. “We ken he and Claire didna choose one another when they wed, and see how that turned out. I suppose it may turn that way again wi’ him and the widow MacKimmie… in time.”

“Ye say that like he doesna have a choice now,” Jenny snapped.

Ian barely succeeded in suppressing his laugh. “I wouldna say ye schemed like yer uncle Dougal did when he wed Claire,” Ian said slowly and carefully, “but I think we both ken he wouldna be marrying tomorrow did he no have some help in the match from you.”

“Are ye sayin’ ye think I did wrong? Do ye no think he ought to be happy and wi’ a family of his own? He’s been on his own for so long now. It’s time he had another wife to care for and he’s taken to the lasses well enough,” Jenny responded defensively.

Ian sighed and rolled toward her. “Aye, he’s been on his own for a long while, mournin’ Claire and what they might’ve had,” Ian agreed. “But… who’s to say if it’s been time enough for him? I want for him to be happy too… But it’s no about what we want for him, aye? Should it no be what he wants for himself that matters?”

“What he wants,” Jenny said quietly, her pique ebbing away into her own familiar sorrow, “is Claire back. But that isna possible.”

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